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Welcome to the Cornerstones of Internet Marketing Blog. This blog has been designed by Howard Clemence to provide all budding entrepreneurs with sound, reliable, honest information about how to raise the profile of a site or blog. Take your time to explore this blog and by all means contact Howard if you want any further information about any of the content.

“I Have Been Coached By Many Good Coaches, However For Internet Marketing, Howard Clemence Shines Head And Shoulders Above Them All” Matt Wilton

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Social Media – whilst there are now thousands of social media sites available across the web there still remains much confusion as to how these tools can be harnessed for the purpose of marketing small to medium sized businesses. However, this blog aims to cut through the confusion and provide quality advice. Start by reading through 3 simple strategies for those overwhelmed by social media and then move on to other post that are aimed at helping you to raise the exposure of your online business.



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