3 Simple Strategies For Those Overwhelmed With Social Media

I read with interest a few blog posts this week about the difficulties that many business owners have with marketing their businesses. In particular people appear to be overwhelmed with social media. The general problem seems to be around time management and confusion of what to do next. I can relate to both of these as when I first started marketing my own business my greatest challenge was finding the time to learn about social media marketing and then through trial and error working out what actually works from the stuff that doesn’t! The real danger when you first start social media marketing online is that you build a genuine enthusiasm and keep on trying more and more different techniques week after week. Until, crunch, you run out of energy and burn out! You’re left feeling overwhelmed with social media. In terms of internet marketing, unless you’re a large corporate organization more is not necessarily better – it’s just more – and might well be detrimental to the success of your business.

Problem – Social Media Addiction

The rise of social media doesn’t always help. You get advise from one expert about trying X social media program whilst another will claim that Y is the answer to all your social media marketing problems. You read article after article stating that we need to use social media more to interact with our prospects and customers. Social media is as much a part of modern life now as the Rubik’s cube or the mullet hair cut were back in the 1980s. So like any new wave there is pressure not to miss out, but unlike other waves in technology social media is different in that there a few barriers to bringing new social media programs to market. Couple that with the present human thirst to communicate in new, exciting and different ways. Then you soon start to see how the explosion of social media programs across the internet has come about.

Even with a smaller number of accounts it is easy to feel overwhelmed by what seems like too much to do with too little time to achieve any real results with your marketing – if only we didn’t need to sleep! So you start trying to focus on doing just a few things well, but there is always a feeling of not doing enough.

Confusion Over What To Do Next?

So, how do you determine which things to spend more time on and which things to ditch? Do you focus primarily on the things that you enjoy most and are more naturally gifted in, or do you determine what to do next in some other way?

Solution – Give Yourself Space, Simplify, And Stop Doing What Doesn’t Work

1. Give yourself space – it is often very easy to lose sight of our goals in the clutter of modern day life. But just 30 minutes a day in silence – TV, phone, computer all switched off – could be all that you need to recalibrate, refocus and ultimately maximize your performance. Give yourself time to reflect on what you have achieved and time to reflect on your goals. I have more information on how goal setting can have a huge impact on your productivity if you’d like to know more.

2. Simplifying your approach – stop trying to do everything. With internet marketing less is more. Stop trying to market to everyone, be more targeted, more focused, focus on doing just a few things well, and try to remove that stuff that doesn’t add value for you or your audience. In Tim Ferriss new book http://www.fourhourbody.com/ he uses the example of boiling water. Boiled water is boiled water. There’s no such thing as “more boiled.” Make sense? Or if you go out for a meal and you enjoy your food to the point where you feel satisfied and full. Then a full stomache is a full stomache. Anything beyond that intake and maybe you start to feel bloated, uncomfortable and maybe even sick. So once you pass a certain point, you actually can create setbacks. Essentially, doing too much can result in a negative impact for you. This is also true with marketing, so simply your approach.

3. Review analytics and traffic statistics – which links work the best in which social media programs? This takes no time at all to work out using either your web host analyzer or Google Analytics. This data could add rocket fuel to your approach as you may find, for the business that you are marketing, that not all social media programs will work well for you. Identify the ones that do. Stop or lower your productivity in the ones that don’t yield results. Then start to gain better momentum with your stronger media outlets.

I hope that this article will add value in your business and will take you from feeling overwhelmed with your social media marketing to a place of increased control .

To Your Success!
Howard Clemence
Professional Internet Marketing Coach

Author of How Coaches Can Generate 50-100 Leads Per Day

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  8. Hi Howard, I noticed a bit of traffic coming to my blog from yours and thought I would stop by and see what your up to 😛

    I seen this post and just had to comment, while my comment is not directly focusing on social media marketing it is related to both!

    I installed the new Facebook plugin for WordPress a couple of days ago, and I must say it’s not bad and it does add some really cool functionality such as recommending other posts on your blog, calling in your friends to the post and posting directly to their timeline as well! These features alone are priceless for using Facebook as the starting point for a social media marketing campaign!

    I would love to hear your thoughts on it ;P

  9. Hi Richard,

    Glad that you stopped by to leave a comment. I’ve not tried the new Facebook plugin for WordPress but it does look very interesting. I’ve found that historicallly I’ve had limited Facebook traffic as it has come mainly from Twitter and Linked-In and Search Engines. But I’ll definitely give the new plug-in a try on one of my blogs.

    All the best,