3 Tools Help Find Your Niche In Coaching Or Consulting In 90 Minutes

So you have recently completed your coaching course or have decided to setup a coaching or consulting practice. This is all very tool to find your nicheexciting, but where do you start? You could do what most newbies do and just provide a generic service. However, this does presents a number of issues if not least how on earth do you know who to market to? If you don’t have a consulting or coaching niche then at the same time you don’t have a target market – you have a general market. So if you want to better target your marketing you best aim to have a consulting or coaching niche. In this post I have shared with you 3 tools to show you how to find your niche.

How to Find Your Niche

If you are not a NLPer then this exercise may appear a little strange, but it has worked well with many of my clients and I know that it will work for you too. First of all draw a circle on a blank piece of paper. Next divide the circle up into eight wedges by drawing lines through the circle. As below:

find your business niche

Then think of a new office that has been kitted out just for you. Forget about who did it for you, but consider who are the next four people to walk through your door? Really who are they? Who were the first four people that you just thought of? Add them into the each of the wedges on the right hand side of the circle. Next write in the circle as to what problem that each of those four people have presented to you and state how you will help them solve it.

Next consider a grand party that you are hosting. Everything has been arranged. You are very excited. It’s approaching 8pm and people are arriving. Who were the first four people who attended the party? Again what problems are they talking to you about and how are you helping them?

Do you see a pattern here? This exercise is aiming to help you uncover what types of problems that people naturally present to you and how you help people. This may uncover something that is staring you in face! Here is more information about how to use NLP in internet marketing  and guidance of how to find your business niche from www.virgin.com.

The Elevator Pitch

Pretty much all business seminars focus some attention on the elevator pitch and I can almost hear you say oh please not that again. There is a reason why it is so widely used – its because it can be useful at helping you (and your clients) get crystal clear about what specific business area you are operating in, what you are offering, and best of all who you are offering it to. So try answering the following questions:

1. Which business area are you specialising in?
2. What is the name of your business?
3. Who is your market?
4. What is your markets age, profession etc?
5. What is your key service or product that you can offer to your market?

Here is an example of a 30 second elevator pitch, which can double up as a social media sign off signature:

My name is Howard Clemence, I am an Internet Marketing Coach. I am the founder of The Cornerstones of Internet Marketing. I help small to medium sized businesses to get maximum benefit from their online presence. My clients are mainly coaches, trainers and consultants aged 40-65.

This provides a clear statement of who I am, the business area that I operate in, what services that I offer, and most importantly some bio data about my target market. This is a snappy elevator pitch, but it is also good to prepare a 60 second and five minute pitch to help flesh out the details. I’d recommend using this type of personalised statement to sign off emails, articles or posts on other people’s blogs.

Researching Your Business Niche idea

OK, you have a business niche idea.  But does it actually exist? To find this out you need to do a little bit of research. Don’t worry, its not taxing. You just need to determine what you think are phrases that your target market are typing into Google. Once you’ve come up with 30-50 phrases, saved in a spreadsheet, then paste them into the free Google keyword tool.  This will tell you the amount of search volume in your local country and the level of competition.

If there are too few people searching for the keywords phrases then this may indicate that there is low search volume for products or services within the consulting or coaching niche. If you are truly stuck about even knowing what niche to operate in then consider downloading this massive PDF list of 2,000 offline niche ideas at warrior forum (you’ll need to sign up as a forum member to access the free PDF) and look for evidence of business trends to inform your chosen business niche. The key is to gather as much evidence as possible and then test that your niche idea has legs.

Test Niche Idea

Rhonda Hess has created a test  for whether a coaching niche has got legs or not. I’d agree with Rhonda that you need to be able to clearly state how you are going to get directly in front of your potential clients and know with certainty as to what they want. You can collect strong evidence from what people are searching for by conducting keyword research, from what your target market are discussing on blogs or in forums and from doing a competitor analysis across your niche.

You may need to check out a few business niche ideas before identifying one that has a good match for you in terms of your current skills and market demand. But once you have identified your coaching niche you need to consider the next step – how to get business leads for your niche. I invite you to access my free e-course on how to generate business leads.

I hope you get great value from this post.  To help further extend this content I’d be grateful if you would kindly share tools or methods that you have applied to clear about how you were able to find your business niche whether it be as a coach, trainer or consultant.  Please share your experience.

To Your Success
Howard Clemence
Professional Internet Marketing Coach

Author of How You Can Generate 50-100 Leads Per Day

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