How Smart People Will Save £1,000+ On Household Bills In 2014

By profession I’m a Business Psychologist and more recently I have been intrigued to know how to save money on household bills so that I could provide bonus information to my network of contacts. Clearly times are challenging for many households and small businesses.  So, how can how smart people save moneywe all save money our monthly household or business spending?  This post poses 9 genuine tips to save money on household bills in 2014.

The Office for National Statistics reported in December 2012 that average UK households spend an average of £484 a week on consumer products and services. When you think about it we all have a long list of products and services that we could save money on such as energy deals, food and drink deals, clothing and shoes discounts and offers, getting the cheapest phone and broadband deals, getting the cheapest mobile phone deals, DIY deals, getting the cheapest petrol, and many more deals. The above question led me to research how much money I could actually save for my own family – to be absolutely honest I had no idea even of how much money we have been spending, but as you can imagine I was a little shocked at how much money I was wasting and pleased with how we are on target to save £990 in 2014.

I’ve Found 9 Genuine Tips To Save Money In 2014

A saving of £990 a year is the equivalent for me of a family holiday in France or covering car tax, insurance and MOT, or just adding to my young boys University fund. This has all been achieved without doing any heavy duty DIY or significantly changing my families behaviour.  So in no particular order here are 9 tips to save money that we have been able to find with hardly any effort at all.

9 tips to save money1. Change to energy saving light bulbs – £80

This might sound like a low level strategy, but fitting money saving light bulbs could fund a family trip away. claimed that in 2013 consumers are likely to save the following money by fitting new energy saving bulbs:

if you replace a traditional light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb of the same brightness you will typically save around £3 per year, or £50 over the life of the bulb; if you replace a halogen down lighter with an equivalent LED you will typically save around £4 per year, or £140 by the time you have to replace the bulb.

In my house I have 25 traditional bulbs and 10 down lighters and all are non energy saving. That means I can save £115 straight away by fitting new energy saving bulbs every year for the next 10 years. But I’m going to be conservative as I know that I don’t use all my lights every day – so let’s say that annually I’ll save at least £80.

2. Switch off lights – £12

Come on admit it like me you’ll leave one room and enter into another room and have lights switched on in both rooms. There clearly is little sense in this but we all do it. Whilst this is difficult to calculate into a saving what is clear is that you will ALWAYS save energy if you turn the light out when you leave the room, even if it’s only for a minute or two. I’d estimate this at around £1 a month saving or £12 a year.

3. More efficient washing cycle –£13

Not all washes need to be on red hot apart from when Jake gets his trousers soaked in mud. Most washes we can switch from 60% down to 40%. Balancing this out across a number of consumer sites it would appear that a colder wash will save approximately £13 a year.

4. Cheapest mobile phone deals in UK –£360

I Love Saving MoneyI love to save money and I love the savings that can be made on mobile phone deals.  I’m changing my mobile phone deal to the cheapest mobile phone deal in the UK.  By moving from my old provider to my new provider I have a found a way to get a free mobile phone deal (and it’s not by needing to have an out of date hand set). I’d estimate that I’ll be saving at least £30 per month or £360 per year. It’s definitely the cheapest mobile phone deal in the UK.  It is quite a clever tactic so please contact me, if like me, you would love to start saving significant money by getting the cheapest mobile phone deals in the UK. Or alternatively add your email address and I’ll send you information on how you can get the UK’s cheapest mobile phone deal along with other great deals.  This truly could help you save more money in 2014.

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5. Cheapest phone and broadband deal in UK–£180

I have switched my phone and broadband from my old supplier to the cheapest phone and broadband provider in the UK and what’s more it is an award winning company.  I now get the same services but save £15 per month or £180 per year. I welcome you to contact me if you want to know who my current phone and broadband provider is, I’d be more than happy to share.

6. Online shopping –£300

Whilst we might pay £3 for the delivery on online shopping what we have found is that we scan the stores website for the best deals.  This means that we shop much more cost effectively and only buy what we need. We now save at least £25 per month or £300 per year.

7. Turning down the thermostat –£25

How often are you in your house when you realise that you are too warm? Most of us have our thermostats on high and don’t adjust when our homes get warmed up. It is estimated by that there are significant savings by just turning down your thermostat by 1 degree. So by turning down my thermostat it would lead to a potential annual saving of £25.

8. Boil less water in the kettle –£20

How many times do you fill more water in your kettle than you need? Every time you do that you waste electricity. Heating water uses a lot of energy, and it’s easy to overfill the kettle for one cup of tea. Why not buy an eco kettle so you don’t have to guess how much you need? I don’t know about you but I tend to boil twice as much water as I use. The eco-kettle has an internal reservoir which holds up to 8 cups of water, and a separate chamber for boiling. So you fill the kettle, press the measuring button and, hey presto, the eco kettle boils just enough water for your needs. There is a potential annual saving of £20.

Lastly, this is not one that I have yet implemented, but I know many people who have done this and whilst it is always challenging to know exactly how much you’ll save there definitely are savings to be had once you get over the initial outlay for the materials.

9. Loft Insulation – £200 report that by insulating a loft, the average house could save £200 per year in annual heating costs (obviously there is an initial outlay to insulate a loft).  This tactic is likely to yield longer term savings as such I left it out of my personal overall tally of £990.

If you want to know more about how I managed to get the cheapest mobile phone deal and the cheapest phone and broadband deal then enter your email address in the box below and I will let you know exactly how I have achieved this.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this article and if you have any questions then please contact me as I would love to help you and yours to save money today.

Best wishes,

Howard Clemence

Business Psychologist

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