How to Fix A RSS Feed Error In WordPress

To my horror yesterday I found out that I had an RSS feed error in WordPress. When I was testing a new social share plugin I noticed that all of my RSS links were coming up with an error message. The error message was telling me that I had a parsing error on line 1 or 2 and something about not having a valid XLM file. Basically my RSS feed was not working.

Fix RSS Feed Error The Easy Way

Yikes what to do? On my initial Google searches there was some rather drastic advice of doing a theme re-install in order to fix my RSS feed error. Not what I has in mind for my Sunday afternoon – maybe a jog, some music, chill with my sun Jake, Sunday roast, film then bed. Not messing about with a WP theme re-install! Once I had calmed down I found some more helpful advice on trying out a few plugins and deactivating browser caching from W3 Total Cache plugin – all sensible advice. However, nothing seemed to work until I came across a rather elegant solution from a WordPress develolper.  The solution in the end was a very simple and I’ve shot a video to show you just how easy it is to fix an RSS feed error in WordPress.  My video will show you hopw you can fix your RSS feed error in less than two minutes.  That’s how easy it is.  So watch my video and take note of the web site adresses that I have added further on in this post.

Video showing you how to fix an RSS feed error in less than two minutes:

Here are the resources that you’ll need:

Fix RSS Feed WordPress Plugin

This is a free plugin that will fix an RSS feed error within a few minutes. The plugin has been developed by Flyaga Li. The plugin will fix the RSS feed error by writing over them. In your FTP or cPanel you need to make your blog/wp-blog-header.php file writeable. So, in FTP or cPanel right-click the file, choose properties, uncheck read-only attribute (644), and change to 777. Then click on the ‘Fix WordPress RSS Feed Error’ button in the plugin’s admin area. For more information visit the plugin’s authors web site:

FD Feedburner WordPress Plugin

Also you might want to think about using a feedburner plugin to redirect all of your WordPress feeds if your site is not properly burning feeds. Here’s one that I use:

Before you do anything <<< READ THIS >>>

Before you do anything I’d suggest doing a backup of your wordpress blog as there are accounts of the fix rss feed plug-in messing up some blogs. A reliable plugin that I use is WP Time Machine. This is an awesome plug-in that backups your both your wordpress files on your website and also your wordpress database. It works with Dropbox, which you can download with a free account from this link –  This is an excellent resource that will help you to keep safe backups of your WordPress blog.

Let me know how you get on with the Fix RSS Feed Error plugin. It was a simply solution for me to what appeared to be a programming nightmare – so many thanks to Flyaga Li for a great plugin!

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  1. Thanks for this write up. Sadly the plugin fix didn’t work for my new clients site. I had to use a solution what I wrote about a long time ago that still worked: