This page provides an overview of testimonials that I have received from clients that I have worked with recently:

“Howard has produced a product with “Cash for Internet Entrepreneurs” that provides both an overview and detail that all budding internet entrepreneurs need to start their business. This is an invaluable tool”.  Tony Swainston, Managing Director, ECM Connections Ltd.

“This Is An Invaluable Tool”

“Howard helped me identify the need, the approach and maintain the motivation to follow my goal through.  Something I haven’t been able to do before…Howard is an example of a really excellent coach,  it has been a pleasure working with him, I have no doubt anyone who works with him will have made the right choice.” David, MBA Graduate, London.

“Helped Me…Maintain The Motivation To Follow My Goal Through”

“Structured around Howard’s own model – “The 7 Cornerstones of Internet Marketing” – there is a deep exploration of the psychology of selling and buying as well as a strong underpinning of business goal setting…Howard Clemence weaves together the disciplines of marketing, psychology and coaching in a product which is packed full of tips, checklists and insight…Howard’s engaging style gives you the sense that you are in the direct company of an accomplished coach.” Zoe Whitby, Owner of ZWCoaching.

“…A Product Which Is Packed Full Of Tips, Checklists And Insight.”

“A must read for anyone who intends to sell their products/services via the internet. I found “Cash for Internet Entrepreneurs” highly beneficial.  The framework allowed me to question and review my approach to marketing my business in a structured way, facilitating the creation of a crystal clear picture of the way I approach clients/ prospects now and planning how to do it differently in the future.

I loved the fact that the author, Howard Clemence, does not only give us the hard facts of marketing but literally coaches us through the process…As a coach working with business owners, I am happy to recommend the book to my clients when facing marketing issues, I believe it will help them not only deal with their ‘known‘ problems but also consider issues which so far are under their ‘blind side’.” Ramit Hacco-Cohn, Executive & Performance Coach.

“…I Am Happy To Recommend The Product To My Clients”

“Howard coached me for 12 sessions so I could learn how to market my business and make positive steps forward.  I have been lucky enough to experience first hand what a great coach Howard is. Howard agreed to coach me in the summer of 2010 and I took to his style of coaching straight away. His relaxed approach, assured manner and supportive nature helped me to feel comfortable when making some big decisions on how I was going to market my business both online and in general. Howard also coached me so I could make important decisions as to what area of coaching I wanted to focus on.

“…I Have Been Coached By Many Good Coaches, However For Internet Marketing, Howard Shines Head And Shoulders Above Them All…”

In the past, I have been coached by many good coaches, however for internet marketing, Howard shines head and shoulders above them all. I found it easy to gain a rapport with Howard and he has that natural way of asking the right questions at the right time so I look at all obstacles and options before moving forward. With Howard coaching me, I never seemed to leave a stone unturned and always felt 100% happy with the direction I was moving in.

Some of Howard’s coaching qualities are reliable, easy going, confident, genuine and inspirational. If anyone is looking for a coach to help them move their business forward then I would have no hesitation in recommending Howard. I can say that my coaching business has moved on and taken big strides forward in recent months and a big part of this is down to the support and coaching I have received from Howard Clemence.”  Matt Wilton.

“…Helped Me To Break Through Self-Limiting Beliefs, And Take My Business To A New Level.”

“I recommend Howard’s internet marketing coaching to anyone who recognises the value – and necessity – of online business opportunities. His laser-like ability to ask the right questions at the right time helped me to break through self-limiting beliefs, and take my business to a new level. I always felt very seen, heard and supported. He’s a great coach who uses his intuitive capabilities as well as his extensive knowledge of the medium to support, encourage and guide his clients along the path to success and self-empowerment.” Gina Baksa

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To Your Successs!

Howard P. Clemence
Professional Internet Marketing Coach

Author of How You Can Generate 50-100 Leads Per Day