3 Google Factors that have made Social Media Important for SEO

Google Plus Results

Being the largest and the most popularly used search engine, the way Google determines search results has implications for the entire SEO industry.  Several recent Google algorithm changes and search factors are making social media all the more relevant for search engine rankings. Let us explore these factors. 1. Google Panda Update The Google Panda […]

Three Steps To An Effective SEO Strategy

I‘ve just got back from an Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy workshop today and I was very pleased to find out that I’m already making great progress with my effective SEO strategy.  Very simply put an effective SEO strategy is considered to include a) quality relevant hyperlinks to your site, b) good site structure and […]

Three Steps To Effective Keyword Research

Recently I have been doing some effective keyword research for a new project, which has included using a keyword opportunity index.  So naturally my first piece of work has been to make sure that my Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is as good as it can be.  It makes good sense to do effective keyword research […]